Vision and Mission

As the non-profit Mars Project Society on Earth, consisting entirely of volunteers; We invest in the future, not the present.

By arranging our knowledge and interests in a way that supports the education system and according to the skills of our age; First of all, we want to equip students with 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, innovation, problem solving, productivity and taking responsibility.

In this regard, we want to establish an Analog Mars Research Station in order to lead similar studies in our country with similar or even more advanced facilities and equipment to the examples in the world and to open a door for researchers who want to conduct research there.

We are happy to share all the information we have obtained within the scope of open source studies with both national and international similar communities. Our project is open to all researchers who are devoted to all science.

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MoEP Yönetim (Mars on Earth Project-MoEP Management)

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