Secrets of Mars

Bana Masal Anlat

Storyteller: Elif Gokce BULUT, Kayseri, 8 years old.
Interpreter: Gamze Ozdemir

Secret of Mars.
Paths of Mars are difficult.
It needs to be brave to go,
Little girl’s arms,
Want to hug her father.

Once upon a time,in a far country, there was a girl named Çiçek. Little girl was so interested in the space. Every night, she looked at the stars, wondered how the space was like. This curiosity of Çiçek was due to her beloved father Mr. Akif’s job. Because Çiçek’s father, Mr. Akif, was an astronaut working in a space research center in their country. Mr. Akif read books about space every night to his daughter Çiçek. And Çiçek always wondered about the space and asked her father lots of questions.

Scientists in this country knew information about only a part of Mars. But Çiçek thought that Mars had top secret unexplored places. This situation made her wonder about space much more. Çiçek heard that her father, Akif, was selected to the research group that would go to Mars, and he would go to Mars two months later. Çicek was very upset when she heard that her father would do research on Mars and stay there for a long time. Because she loved her father so much. Who would read her books about space when her father left. She couldn’t stay far apart from her father. Çicek went to the research center frequently with her father after that day. She carefully watched her father and those who worked there and started gathering information about Mars. The days were passing rapidly. And Çiçek found how to sneak a rocket which would fly to Mars.

Çicek was  a secret member of the team that would go to Mars and that day had came. Çicek quickly implemented the plan she made before. When she entered the space research center to send off her father, she said to her mother, “I was going to say something to my father …” and quickly walked away. She managed to get on the rocket by hiding in the last important materials to be put on the rocket. When the countdown began for the rocket, her father noticed Çiçek. But it was too late. Because the rocket had been fired. Meanwhile, Mr. Akif quickly told the tower that her daughter Çiçek was on the rocket. After this time, the journey to Mars began for Çiçek. Çiçek started a long journey on the Gokcekız-A007 Rocket. Çicek, who landed on the surface of Mars after a long journey, still could not believe that. She also knew that new adventures awaited her. Çiçek was used to Mars, but she had a lot of curiosity. But her father wouldn’t let her get away from him. Cicek would somehow find a way and discover Mars.

Lady Çiçek’s goats,
Jumping, Jumping, Jumping,
Wants barley and straw,
What does the goat look for on Mars,
Chases the purple chicken.

Finally, Çicek, who was moving on the red soil of Mars, seized the opportunity she was waiting for, and an unexpected light beam immediately took her away to a very long distance. Unable to understand what happened, Çiçek suddenly found herself in a completely different place. Its surroundings were not a place belonging to Mars at all. She saw flowers, gold and silver-colored trees, a river with green water, red rocks, interesting plants in different colors, and aliens who looked like humans. Çicek, who was very scared at first, was a little relieved when she saw an alien child her own age touching her with a smile. Not understanding what they were talking about, Çiçek expressed herself with her body language. The color of the human-like aliens here was similar to the color of the soil. She saw them eat and drink like people. She suddenly felt how hungry she was. Seeing how she looked at the food, her alien friends realized she was hungry. They served her with plants of different colors and shapes. She started eating these things, which she likened to vegetables and fruits in the world. They tasted not bad at all, some even very sweet. Then she drank the delicious turquoise water. When she was full, she started to look around more carefully. She saw many animals that were domesticated but different in color and shape, just like in the world. There were goats which give orange-colored milk, they had sun-colored offsprings, and wingless chickens resembling purple color. The only thing familiar to her was the Sun that warms and illuminates Mars also.

While she was coming to Mars, she dreamed of different creatures and a very different life from the world. It was like her dreams. She ran with her foreign friends, who were children like herself, in this unknown place of Mars until the sun went down and she looked at the sky. She collected plants with different colors and shapes. One of the adults hinted to Çiçek that it was time to go. Çiçek waved goodbye to her friends in a short time as she did in the world. They waved to her with sad eyes like Çiçek. The beam of light that brought Cicek here immediately dropped her where her father was.

Çiçek told her father and other astronauts what happened to her. Scientists were very excited. Thanks to Çiçek, they learned that there was much more to research here. Çiçek opened the doors of a completely different world for them and gave very important information. She once again saw that being a child was always a nice privilege. This new life in space did not hesitate to show itself to Çiçek. Çiçek proved once again that: “Everything should be touched by a child.” Even if this is space, the child is a source of excitement, joy and life everywhere.

Çiçek and her father came to Earth with great experiences and memories. Çiçek realized how much she missed her mother at the end of this journey. She hugged her with longing. The world looked even more beautiful in Çiçek’s eyes that time.

It was soon heard on the Earth what this little girl lived. She also took the title of being ‘the first child to go to Space’.

Çiçek’s eyes remained in space
Her friends were there
When would she see them
Maybe they would come to Earth

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