MoEP-Kenya Nairobi School Space Team

Have you ever touched a child’s heart and dreams? We touched. These laughing children are thousands of kilometers away from us. But this photo shows that distances don’t matter for a shared dream or love.

The opportunities for this school and students in Nairobi are very limited. They don’t have 3D printers to print the computer or educational tools necessary for a modern education. But despite all the difficulties, their teachers and children believe in science.

Right now, students here and school Mars groups in MoEP-Turkey are writing letters to each other. They draw pictures on paper about Mars and share their dreams about Mars and spacecraft with us. We don’t leave them alone in these space excitements from thousands of kilometers away. We sent their drawings from MoEP stations to space and satellite.

We would like to thank the teachers here. Thank you kind teacher Racheal Vichei. (She is the MoEP-Kenya Coordinator). This wonderful bridge of friendship was built thanks to her. She teaches her students about space technology, even under difficult conditions. It teaches that if they want to, they can do it one day.

The world will be better by loving each other. Please share this message, reach more people and support their exciting dreams.

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MoEP Yönetim (Mars on Earth Project-MoEP Management)

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