MoEP-Indian Chapter: “Our Success Story”

Dear Jeyasiona M.J, Subhajit Hazra and Srishti Sharma. In the competition you participated as MoEP-Indian Chapter members; Congratulations on your best representation of the Mars on Earth Project (MoEP) Community and winning first prize. Greetings from Turkey to your beautiful country and our teammates. We proudly share your success story with our readers.MoEP 

Our Success Story

Mars is an arid and frigid desert with a lower level of sunlight. Here, food is an essential requirement for a human settlement. The primary obstacles for earth crops on Mars are the land, gravity, atmospheric pressure, and UV radiations.

We, the members of the Mars on Earth Project (MoEP- Indian Chapter) community, participated in “The Martian Challenge” 2021, organized by Helium Learning Labs.

We participated under the category “Martian Food” in the research article submission format, and our topic was “Feeding Martian Colonies: The Need of the Hour.

We started our journey by finalizing the registration process for the challenge. Next, the team began brainstorming on the topic for the article. We conducted a systemic literature review and came across some great ideas to write on.

To begin with the write-up process, we saved all published manuscripts that we came across during our literature survey in Google Drive.

Subsequently, we jotted down all the potential topics and the workflow through a few Google Meets.

After that, we laid down the table of contents (TOC) for our review article. We then divided the pointers from the TOC among ourselves so that each one of us had a focus point to write on.

Later, we compiled each of our write-ups and came up with our first draft of the review article. To build-in quality to our work, we did a thorough quality check of the first draft and came up with the final ready-to-go write-up version.

Lastly, the final version was shared with the evaluaters for their final consideration. As they say, ‘curiosity killed the cat,’ so were we, who were eagerly waiting for the results to be declared.

Finally, on the 28th of December 2021, the results were declared.

So, the results were to be declared through a Google Meet. After a few discussions and experiences on the Martian challenge, they declared the contest’s results.

We, as participants, could not believe our senses as we saw and heard our team’s name being declared as the winners (in the category ‘Martian Food).’ To conclude the meet, our team was congratulated by the organizers.

We shared the news of the victory with our MoEP Community. Here, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us in this endeavor of ours.

MoEP-Indian Chapter / Research Group
Jeyasiona M.J.Subhajit HazraSrishti Sharma


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