MoEP-First Virtual Mars Mission

MoEP’s first Virtual Mars Mission will be held between January 2nd & 8th, 2023, as 7 SOLs. MoEP volunteer biologists and plant scientists will participate in this mission, which consists of all women scientists.

Unlike virtual missions performed at other stations, MoEP Virtual Mars Mission will be the first virtual mission that uses actual amateur satellites and other digital communication systems.

In addition to its scientific content, the mission will also serve as a test for future MoEP-Analog Mars Research Station missions using amateur radio communication infrastructure.

In the scope of work, it was aimed to raise awareness in space sciences and astrobiology by presenting reports on astrobiology studies, one of the most critical issues that will be included in future Mars missions. MoEP will also train the crew on topics outside of their work discipline.

Fiction and Reality Together

To simulate MoEP Virtual Mars Missions, existing Earth-Mars communication systems were designed, and scenarios were created.

Subsequently, MoEP-Amateur Satellite Communication Stations in Finland and Germany were included in these scenarios, and real satellite communication was enabled.

Es’hail/QO-100 Satellite and Turkish Amateur Radio Operators

In this study, which will be a pioneer in its field and set an example, we wish to use amateur radio stations in TÜRKİYE, which already have sufficient facilities and capabilities.

The 2.4GHz UPLINK frequency required for this satellite communication is available to radio amateurs worldwide but included in our national band plan.

Since it is not legally open to Turkish radio amateurs, only amateur radio operators in TÜRKİYE cannot send signals to the satellite used within the scope of this activity.

Since there is no legal restriction on the DOWNLINK frequency, we can just watch for now. These days when we are trying to make a breakthrough in space, we hope that the regulations can catch up with our national breakthroughs.

MoEP-Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Stations

Our Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Station in Finland will represent the Virtual-Deep Space Network (V-DSN). It will transmit the instructions from Earth to the Mars Satellite Ground Control Station.

Our Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Station (Virtual-Mars Satellite Ground Control Station (V-MSGCS)) in Germany will receive instructions in video mail format transmitted by V-DSN via the Es’hail 2/QO-100 satellite and deliver them to the mission crew. Likewise, daily reports created by the Virtual Mars Mission crew will be transferred to V-DSN.

The Virtual-Mars Pigeon Orbital Satellite (V-MPOS) that comes in the scenario will simulate the Es’hail 2/QO-100 satellite developed by AMSAT-DL and has been successfully operating in a 36.000 km orbit for a long time in the real world.

Es’hail 2/QO-100 Satellite Activity – DATV Frequencies

qo100 fre

Recommended WebSDR Addresses

For satellite studies on future missions, radio amateurs who do not have sufficient equipment for satellite operation can follow some activities via the WebSDR addresses given below if they wish.

If you have yet to gain experience in the subject and want to watch this satellite with your equipment, you can read our detailed article at the link. If you’re going to use WebSDR, you can look at the example videos in our previous work.

V-DSN’s Daily Instructions, V-SGCS’ Daily Report Submission Times

Everyday 4 PM (UTC) daily instruction transmission from Earth to Mars (V-DSN). 1080p resolution, duration 30 second – 1 minute, and repeats once after 5 minutes.

Everyday 9 PM (UTC) daily instruction transmission from Mars to Earth (V-SGCS). 1080p resolution, duration 30 second – 1 minute, and repeats once after 5 minutes.

Radio Amateurs – Activity Tracking and Private Memories Certificate

You can also follow the virtual video mail instructions to be sent from the Earth daily and the crew’s daily video mail reports via the Es’hail/Q0-100 satellite.

Es’hail 2/QO-100, an amateur communications satellite; for the first time in the world, will be used for a common purpose with scientists and radio amateurs. For this reason, we recommend that radio amateurs not miss the special moment-of-activity certificate.

In order to get a certificate in these video transfer tasks, it is sufficient to take 2 different screenshots on the same mission day during the 7-day (7 SOL). Screenshot details are given below.

1st Screenshot:

Screenshot of the video mail message sent by our Turkish operators with call sign OH2CAV and/or OH2UDS at MoEP-Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Station in Finland.

2nd Screenshot:

Video mail message screenshot sent by our Turkish operator with call sign DL2IE at MoEP-Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Station in Germany.

Participation Form for Certificate

This form is for radio amateurs only. It will be used between 2-8 January 2023.  You can send screenshots with your amateur radio call sign and name using the form below. As we mentioned in the article, there are 2 image upload fields in the form. Screenshots to be uploaded to the form can only be in *.jpg, *.png, or *.bmp format.

Application Form

Virtual Mars Mission – Memoir and Boarding Pass Activity

Wouldn’t you like to go to Mars with us on a virtual mission? In order to support the crew in their virtual mission, you can create an online virtual ticket for yourself by going to the page shared below. There will be a separate ticket work for each virtual mission.

Boarding Ticket Create

The comments you will write on this moment ticket creation screen will be delivered collectively to the Virtual Mars Mission Commander at the first meeting at the start of the mission. Since the form is open to international participants, we recommend that you write in English without using special Turkish characters.

Please hurry up and create your ticket before the mission starts on January 2nd, 2023; share our excitement!

MoEp-Virtual Mars Mission T-Shirt Lottery

Activity Among those who create a Virtual Mars Mission Boarding Ticket, our followers residing in TÜRKİYE will also be eligible for the lottery. Among our rules, there is no obligation to follow our social media addresses or like our posts. This is totally up to you!

To participate in the lottery, fill out the information in the ticket creation form and create your ticket. We plan to make this lottery a tradition in future assignments according to interest.

At the end of the mission, one primary and one alternate winner will be determined in the draw, and a T-shirt with the Virtual Mars Mission logo will be presented to the winner.

Please check the correctness of your e-mail address before creating a ticket, as the winner will be contacted via the e-mail address. If the primary winner does not answer the communication message from MoEP within 7 days, the t-shirt will be sent to the alternate winner. T-shirt size is not crucial for participation in the lottery. The winner will be contacted via e-mail, and a T-shirt will be prepared in size requested by them.

Another Surprise Activity

As MoEP, we always want to share our excitement and work with you, and with our followers who support us after our work, we want to share a small gift for the meaning and importance of the day.

To make the memory ticket work described above even more exciting, we have prepared another surprise for you. Plus, you don’t have to do anything. When you create a boarding ticket, you represent a colonist traveling to Mars with a crew in our Virtual Mars Mission.

As you know, Mars comes closest to the Earth every 2 years, which is why; spacecraft are launched within this time window. Exactly 2 years from the date you create this ticket, this virtual mission to Mars will be completed, and you will return to Earth according to the scenario. Wouldn’t you like us to remember this support and you even two years later?

In summary, we will combine reality with fiction, and precisely two years later; we will send you a unique Memoir and Certificate of Participation for your participation in the mission. For this reason, use a long-term and active e-mail address.

MoEP-Virtual Mars Mission Trailer

We recommend watching the video prepared for the introduction of the virtual mission. Many details about the study are included in the video. You can watch the video with Turkish or English subtitles if you wish.

Virtual Mars Mission Sponsor

MoEP-Virtual Mars Mission BURAK-I is sponsored by ÖYLER company.

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MoEP Yönetim (Mars on Earth Project-MoEP Management)

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