MoEP Analog Space Research Station

April 24, 2022 at 21:00 (Local Time) a meeting will be held on ZOOM. The final structural drafts before the analog station installation will be discussed at the meeting and the recommendations of our experts in the field of science and engineering will be listened to.

The language of the meeting is Turkish and participation is limited to MoEP volunteers.


 The Presentation and Discussion Topics are Summarized as Follows

  • Analog space research stations around the world,
  • Analog Task Definitions and Requirements,
  • Hazards Tested on Analog Stations, Difficulties Experienced,
  • Analog Station – Hardware Specifications, Problems Experienced,
  • Analog Station – Installation and Location Features,
  • Analog Station – Full and Semi-Isolation Tasks,
  • Analog Station – Sustainability,
  • Legal Legislation and Practices in the World and in Turkey,
  • Analog Station – MoEP Structural Designs,
  • Analog Station – The Main Costs and Expenses,
  • Analog Station – MoEP Inventory / Grant/ Recycling System,
  • Analog Station – MoEP Satellite and Ground Communication Systems,
  • Analog Station – MoEP Scientific Experiments –80 Units),
  • Analog Station – MoEP Science Laboratory (Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Space etc.)
  • Analog Station – MoEP Engineering and Mechanical Laboratory,
  • Analog Station – MoEP Station Air-Lock and its Procedures,
  • Analog Station – MoEP Radio Astronomy and Deep Space Observation,
  • Analog Station – MoEP Station Management and MoEP Software,
  • Analog Station – MoEP Robotic Studies and Server IoT Structure
  • Analog Station – MoEP Robotic Meteorological Station (Software/Hardware)
  • Analog Station – MoEP Astrobiology Experiment and Observation Area
  • Analog Station – MoEP Active/Passive Station Security Systems.

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