MoEP 2’nd Virtual Mars Mission: MACONDO

Mars on Earth Project (MoEP); the second series after the first successfully completed Virtual Mars Mission BURAK-1; Within the scope of international cooperation, it will be held on 3-9 April 2023 with the participation of the MoEP-Colombia Team.

The astro-geology theme will be covered in the Virtual Mars mission, which will be carried out with the mission code “MACONDO” chosen by the mission commander. Crew; consists of undergraduate students and experts from the fields of geology, electronic communications, medicine, speleology and biology.

The entire infrastructure of the Virtual Mars Missions (planning, editing, scenario, video and visuals, communication, applications) was developed by MoEP, and within this scope, Earth-Mars communication systems were designed and scenarios were created in order to simulate the Virtual Mars Mission.

moep sanal mars iletisim

Subsequently, MoEP-Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Stations in Finland and Germany were included in the scenario setup and coordinated over real satellite so that the crew could receive daily mission codes and feedback for real satellite communication in virtual mission.

Within this scope, our Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Station in Finland;

  • Will represent the Virtual Deep Space Network (VDSN) and will transfer the instructions to be sent from Earth to the Virtual Mars Satellite Ground Control Station (VMSGCS).

Our Amateur Satellite monitoring and communication station in Germany;

  • Is representing the Virtual Mars Satellite Ground Control Station (VMSGCS) will receive the instructions in video mail format transmitted by VDSN over the real Q0-100 satellite and deliver it to the crew, and will transfer the reports created by the Virtual Mars Mission crew back to VDSN daily.

On the other hand , QO-100 Es’hail 2 satellite, developed by AMSAT-DL and successfully operating in a 36,000 km orbit for a long time in the real world, simulates the fictionalized Virtual Mars Pigeon Orbital Satellite (VMPOS) which is in Mars orbit.

Virtual Mars Missions and Amateur Radio Operators

During the mission, 2 video messages will be broadcasted daily.

First Video Message Broadcast

  • The first video message broadcast will contain a video mail message sent by our Turkish operators with the callsigns OH2CAV and/or OH2UDS, from the MoEp-Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Station Located in Finland.
  • Every day at 16.00 (UTC) – Daily instruction transfer from Earth to Mars (VDSN) in 1080p resolution, with a duration of 30 seconds to 1 minute, and it will be repeated once again 5 minutes later.

The Second Video Message Broadcast

  • The video message broadcast will contain a video mail message sent by our Turkish operator with the callsign DL2IE, from the MoEP-Amateur Satellite Monitoring and Communication Station located in Germany.
  • Every day at 21:00 (UTC) – Daily report transfer from Mars to Earth (VSGCS) in 1080p resolution, with a duration of 30 seconds to 1 minute, and it will be repeated once again 5 minutes later.

Our D-ATV Frequencies for Es’hail 2/QO-100 Activityqo100 fre

For Activity Certificate

As part of the Virtual Mars Mission Series, radio amateurs can qualify for an “Activity Tracking and Special Memory Certificate” by tracking the video messages representing the Earth-Mars communication to be broadcast via the QO-100 amateur satellite. QO-100 amateur satellite will be used for a common purpose with scientists and radio amateurs for the second time in the world through the MoEP Virtual Mars Mission Series.

Therefore, we recommend that radio amateurs obtain a special activity-memory certificate. To obtain the certificate, it is sufficient for licensed radio amateurs to access the form via the link specified below, fill it out properly, and submit it. The form will be active between April 3-9, 2023.

When filling out the form, you only need to upload a screenshot that can indicate that you have captured the video message broadcasted via QO-100. The screenshot file formats to be uploaded to the form are *.jpg, *.png, or *.bmp.

Certificate application form for licensed radio amateurs:

Sertificate Form


Valuable Moep Volunteers who Contributed to and Participated in the Virtual Mars Mission Series

We wish success to the crew whose names are listed below before the mission within the scope of the MoEP-Virtual Mars Mission (MACONDO).

  1. Danna Camila Jaimes Fajarda (Task Force Commander, Colombia)
  2. Esra Güzel (Space Physician, Türkiye)
  3. Juan David Ruiz Higuera (Research/Lab Specialist, Türkiye)
  4. Ceyhun Ayverdi (CAPCOM Officer, Türkiye)
  5. Batu Çolak (Communications Officer, Türkiye)
  6. Andrés Felipe Ortiz Ferreira (Mechanical Engineer, Colombia)
  7. Jhoan Sebastián Artunduaga Cuellar (Security Officer, Colombia)

We would also like to thank our Virtual Mars Mission moderators, operators, and support team for their contributions.

  1. Ruha Uslu, TA2IRU (VMM- General Planner)
  2. Barış Dinç, OH2UDS (Earth, VDSN Operator)
  3. Burcu Aybak Dinç, OH2CAV (Earth, VDSN Operator)
  4. İsmail Erdoğan, DL2IE (Mars, VMSGCS)
  5. Tuğçe Celayir (VMM General Moderator)
  6. Özden Sıla Yigit (VMM-2 Moderator)
  7. Samira Azra Üstündağ (VMM-2 Moderator)
  8. Rabia Kaçan (VMM-2 Mission Design Assistant Team Member)

Virtual Mars Mission: MACONDO Sponsor

Öyler Company is the mission sponsor of Virtual Mars Mission (MACONDO).

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MoEP Yönetim (Mars on Earth Project-MoEP Management)

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