Journey to Space with Little Leukemia Stars: Let Your Picture Go Into Space

This weekend, as MoEP, we will be carrying out the planned “Journey to Space with Little Leukemia Stars: Let Your Picture Go Into Space!” project in collaboration with the LadyBug FRC Team, which we support, and the LÖSEVLÖSANTE Children’s and Adult Hospital.

losev losante losemili cocuklar

Image-1. “Just keep smiling. We promise; we’ll bring space to your doorstep.” (AI-Image Credit: MoEP)

We will be sending the beautiful drawings created by children undergoing treatment in various departments of the hospital to space and the Es’Hail 2/QO-100 Satellite through amateur satellite tracking stations both domestically and internationally, operated by MoEP.

Turkish amateur radio operators equipped with QO-100 communication hardware, whose numbers are increasing day by day, will also provide support to the project.

Event Promotion

By watching the short introduction video prepared by the LadyBug team above, you can quickly familiarize yourself with MoEP, LadyBug, and this event.

Event Time Window

  • Activity Date:
    • March 3-4, 2024
  • Activity Time:
    • 12:00-15:00 (UTC)
  • Frequency
    • 10489.625 MHz
  • WebSDR (Live) :

Event e-Certificate Request Form

losev losante losemili cocuklar etkinlik

Image-2. “There are hopeful hearts awaiting the picture you will send!” (AI-Image Credit: MoEP)

By clicking the link below during the event, you can submit a picture you received from the satellite or WEB SDR using the form provided in the link. During the week, e-certificates will be sent to the email address you provided in the form, based on the order of submission and the volume of pictures received.

Submission Form

The messages of goodwill you write in the message section of the form will be compiled into a file and forwarded to the relevant authorities at the LÖSEVLÖSANTE Children’s and Adult Hospital to be delivered to the children. We understand that even a single word of love can be as effective as the best medicine, which is why we emphasize the importance of message support.

losev losante losemili cocuklar uydu

Image-3. “Has everyone understood the plan? Okay, time to rest now, we have our space mission tomorrow.” (AI-Image Credit: MoEP)

Example Works

You can read all you need to know about how this project will be carried out in detail, previous examples, and how you can follow this project at home via the Internet through the following links:

LadyBug Team

Ladybug is the world’s first and only international and independent FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team. The team consists of members from 11 different countries, including Türkiye, France, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Northern Cyprus, India, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States, representing 15 different cities and 21 different schools. You can find more information about Ladybug and its activities by clicking here.

LadyBug FRC Team Social Media Addresses

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MoEP Yönetim (Mars on Earth Project-MoEP Management)

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