Fox Hunt Event Results

Dear “Mars on Earth Project” supporters;

We completed our Fox Hunt Event on the Eshail-2 satellite QO-100 transponder on May 15-16 2021. This event was first of its kind with a brilliant idea to reverse the Fox Hunting Event, which is an active field game. During the COVID-19 Pandemic days, we were able to chase the foxes running on the satellite in our radio stations.

First of all, we would like to thank all our friends who sent us the logs, and to all friends who participated in the activity and shared a great time with us.

We know that the event ratings have been eagerly awaited by everyone for a long time, but the lack of “duration” data in the vast majority of the logs submitted for this first event required us to listen to almost all the recordings (approximately 3.700) one by one to be able to score. And this delayed us a lot in not disclosing the results. Certificates will begin to be sent to email addresses from tonight.

We hope to be together at the next event with our friends who planned to attend the event but could not attend due to various reasons. And also those who we know attended, had fun with us during the event but did not send their records.

On the other hand, we aim to complete the “Mars on Earth Bases” as soon as possible.

With the hope that these COVID-19 Pandemic conditions will end soon which trapped us to our homes and we will carry out much more funny activities and learn together in our Mars on Earth Bases.

On behalf of the event group;

Baris Dinc

Scoreboard: URL (Will be updated soon!)
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