Cooperation and Sponsorship Agreement Signed Between ÖYLER & MoEP

On July 02, 2022, the manager of ÖYLER company and the engineer-architect team working in different initiatives within the company visited the MoEP Analogue Mars Research Station area in the town of Gelibolu, Çanakkale.

A meeting was held in Gelibolu at 09:45 with the ÖYLER technical team, who set off from Istanbul in the early hours, as planned.

In order for our guests to rest for a short time, we took a break in the decent environment of Onbuçuk Cafe, one of our local sponsors, accompanied by the sea view. Breakfast was served with the team. There was talk about common science goals.

Field Inspection and Engineering Studies.

After the rest break, we went to MoEP Analogue Station together. After the whole team put on their helmets and vests within the scope of occupational safety, a preliminary examination of the field was made. In the review;

  • The current state of the station area was observed and technical examinations of the structures were made.
  • The state of the static systems of the existing structures and their material qualities were examined and technical data were collected for situation analysis.
  • Discovery of architectural finishing works for the planned indoor and outdoor spaces, and a technical review for mechanical and electrical subsystems.
  • After the office work, it was planned to create the necessary construction activities, quantities, discovery lists and finished 3D solid models of the entire building for the new situation.

Contracts Signed Between ÖYLER and MoEP

After the technical preliminary studies, a meeting was held with the participants. At the meeting, a “Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement” was signed between the team members and ÖYLER, and between ÖYLER and MoEP.

In the second part of the meeting; A “Service Procurement Agreement” was signed between ÖYLER and MoEP regarding structural-architectural design studies and sponsorship support.

Mr.Çelik, the company manager on behalf of ÖYLER, who took the floor after the completion of the signature procedures;

“We congratulate your team, who came together to take very valuable steps on behalf of our country, and thank you very much for allowing us to support your project.

The works we carry out within ÖYLER for a sustainable future and the protection of our Earth’s ecosystem; With this project, it becomes more meaningful by taking it to the next level. We have a long way to go, a lot of days to work.

We hope that we will be proud to pass this flag on to the next generations by carrying out much more value-added work in this project.

We would like to inform you that we are extremely hopeful about your project, your work and what you can do, and we hope to be your permanent supporter in your project.

Speaking on behalf of MoEP, one of the co-founding, Mr. Uslu;

“We would like to state that we are very happy to see you at our station in our first steps. As MoEP, we always try to cooperate with experts and even the best organizations; It is obvious that we made the right decision in our selection, with the work areas, targets and working discipline of ÖYLER that we witnessed at the station.

MoEP, which has unique and exemplary goals in its field in our country, is aware that besides space exploration, our world in which we live and breathe is our only home for now in a universe consisting of billions of stars.

For this reason, we see sustainability, ecological balance, recycling, protection of water and nature as our red line within the scope of a human responsibility.

The work to be done together with ÖYLER, with whom we share the main requirements and criteria for the technical interior-exterior design of our analogue station, will also be carried out in this direction.

The standard construction criteria will be replaced by modern structural designs created digitally by ÖYLER’s expert team. The safety and comfort of our analogue astronauts will also be integrated with these modular designs.

During the cooperation that we believe will sail to new horizons that require continuity and long-term; Within the scope of the contracts signed, the parties will benefit from each other’s experiences, research processes and feedback to the maximum extent.

This study will also set an example in terms of the contribution and support of the private sector to amateur science and space studies. May our cooperation be beneficial to our beautiful country and to the parties.


Dear readers; we are currently working intensively with our MoEP team and volunteers. Developments within the scope of the project will be published from time to time on our website and social media addresses.

Thanks ÖYLER

We would like to thank Mr.Celik, ÖYLER and his valuable staff once again for their efforts and support for the development of MoEP‘s difficult journey despite their busy work schedules.

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