AzAstro – Cooperation

As Mars on Earth Project (MoEP) ; We held a meeting with AzAstro Technologies Inc., which operates in friendly and brotherly country Azerbaijan on August 17, 2021. (upon invitation). AzAstro initiative; It carries out studies on the development of hardware and technology in the field of aviation and space.

The company that entered the sector quickly with its young and dynamic staff; focuses on the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, model satellites and their parts and technologies as areas of interest.

Meeting Attendance

The meeting held over Zoom Platform was attended by the founding partners of Mars on Earth Project (MoEP) and AzAstro Technologies Inc. Hasan Guliyev (Co-Founder and CEO) attended as a speaker.

Meeting Topics

At the beginning of the meeting, we started the meeting by conveying our thanks to Azerbaijan for its unwavering support in the forest fires, which recently broke out in our country and which deeply saddened us all with serious loss of life and material losses.

AzAstro 2

In the meeting held in Turkish language and in two parts; In the first part, AzAstro initiative, and in the second part, the Mars on Earth Project (MoEP) gave information presentations about their own working disciplines and possibilities and capabilities.

Afterward, the parties took the floor individually and discussed the developments on space and Mars studies on Earth and in their own countries, suggestions were made and what could be done within the scope of cooperation was discussed.

Although the first meeting started as a preliminary meeting; At the end of about two hours, with the joint decision taken between the Mars on Earth Project (MoEP) and the management of AzAstro Technologies Inc., it was decided to continue the space studies together and to carry the cooperation further in the coming period.

AzAstro Technologies Inc. – First Steps to DMP Cooperation

Within the scope of forward-looking cooperation between AzAstro Technologies Inc. and Mars on Earth Project, the first steps were taken with this meeting. Details of cooperation will become clearer in the ongoing process and in the second and subsequent meetings to be held.

Beğen  14

MoEP Yönetim (Mars on Earth Project-MoEP Management)

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