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As the Mars on Earth Project (MoEP) Community, we held a meeting with the aerospace company Alba Orbital on 04 August 2021. Alba Orbital; It is a British company that builds PocketQube satellites.

It is the developer and also the manufacturer of Unicorn-1 and Unicorn-2 and similar satellite platforms. The company still has contracts with the European Space Agency (ESA). These satellites of the above-mentioned PocketQube type have been in a rising trend lately. These satellites  of the above-mentioned PocketQube type have been in a rising trend lately. It is a type of miniaturized satellite for space exploration, typically 5 cubic centimeters (one-eighth the volume of a CubeSat), mass no more than 250 grams, and typically using commercial off-the-shelf components.

Alba Orbital


To the meeting held via Zoom Platform; our founders Baris Dinc (TA7W/OH2UDS) and Ruha Uslu (TA2IRU) attended on behalf of Mars On Earth Project (MoEP), and Caius Mousa Reza, leader business development manager, on behalf of Alba Orbital.

Meeting Topics

• Alba Orbital Technological Infrastructure, Possibilities And Capabilities,
• Pocketquebe Technology,
• Pocketquebe Studies,
• Payload Equipment,
• Licensing,
• Ground Communication And Control Stations,
• Launch Pods And Launcher Facilities, Costs.

We added a new line to our steps within the framework of our forward-looking goals and cooperation possibilities in the meeting, which was mutually introduced in the first part and more technically detailed and useful in the second part. When the time comes, we will share with you the developments that will emerge in this regard. Stay tuned and don’t forget to support us even with your comments.

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